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DSN Outdoor is a Stockton, CA based company offering a variety of billboard advertisement throughout California’s Central Valley. With over 90 years of combined experience in the sign industry, DSN Outdoor understands the value of great customer service and the effectiveness of out-of-home advertising. Whether you are looking to saturate an area through Jr. poster campaigns or are interested in marketing to millions on state-of-the-art digital billboards, DSN Outdoor is here to meet your advertising needs.


(888) 727-2292


(888) 727-2292


Reach people where they live, work and play. Our digital billboards are strategically displayed along high traffic roadways, interstates and Airports while our Jr. Posters saturate urban neighborhoods and smaller roads.


Get the last word in with your consumers just BEFORE they make buying decisions. Billboard advertisement is a great way to influence impulse buys and lead people to you.


By displaying items of community interest such as welcoming home troops, local news or upcoming events, billboards can be an affective way to connect with communities and share your message.


Billboard advertisement provides a lower cost per thousand than any other type of advertising. Outdoor ads cost 80% less than TV commercials, 60% less than newspaper ads, and 50% less than radio ads. With billboards throughout the Central Valley, we have the digital sign or Jr. Poster where you need it most.

Quick &

With our digital billboards you can change your advertisements instantly to keep up with changes in your business or organization and have multiple messages displayed on the same billboard. With our Jr. Posters you can quickly reach multiple locations and choose a rotating plan that works for you.


Billboards increase product awareness and product knowledge, both which translate to increased sales and profits. Digital and traditional billboards are an excellent way to get your message out, helping your brand become a household name. Let DSN Outdoor help you reach your marketing goals.

Daily Effective Circulation Count



Here is a list of brainstorming ideas for how you can use digital billboard advertising exclusively, or in conjunction with traditional static billboards.

You may need to look no further than your calendar. Consider key holidays throughout the year for inspiration.   Awareness Months may also provide you with ideas.  You should always be looking 60-90 days out; because that is the normal amount of lead-time you need to refine your marketing efforts.

What better way to say, “I care” or “I love you”, or “I appreciate you”, than to display a picture of that special person on a digital billboard? Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, marriage proposals, employee appreciation, WELCOME HOME TROOPS, or any other positive message. This is an exciting and unique way to give those you care for a moment of fame. Call us for details.
Being that we at DSN Outdoor can upload content to our digital billboards almost instantaneously, you can become “THE information source” for drivers. Engage your audience with the latest traffic information, weather forecasts, travel advisories and other information of broad interest to a large number of people driving by. If you are in retail, you can post photos of your customer’s latest purchase before they even leave your lobby, creating excitement and conversation surrounding your products lines.

With the advances in digital advertisement, billboard content can now be so much more than simple ads and marketing, so dream big and share your thoughts with us at peter@DSNoutdoor.com.
Pride & patriotism are never out of season. Look for opportunities to catch people doing something great and then share it with the community abroad. Do you have a hometown hero that can be recognized? Do you have a soldier to celebrate or honor? Digital billboards are a great way to give someone the recognition they deserve.

Having a special event of community interest? Think outside the box and get the word out with digital billboard advertisement. Special events could be anything from community concerts, to Fourth of July celebrations and Christmas parades. Big ideas don’t necessarily take big budgets to implement.

Marketing and advertising is a vast subject matter, which takes the “experts” years of formal education as well as several more years’ real-world experience to approach mastering. But, as in any field, there are universal principles that apply. In the case of outdoor signage, keep the following principles in mind:

Simplify your message down to one key idea or message. Think keyword or phrase. Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Make sure you can read your name or logo.

  • No more than 10 words total, 5 in the headline.

  • Use short words for quicker comprehension.

  • Your message should be consistent across all your marketing efforts.

  • Use iconic images, bright colors, clear, short words.

  • Designing an effective billboard ad is a science as well as an art. Are you new to marketing via billboards? Start with the science by keeping the following tips in mind:

  • All text should be as large as possible, so it can be easily read from 50′-400′ away.

  • Increase line thickness, as thin lines can “disappear” quickly.

  • Use bold colors (Subtle colors don’t work in this medium).

  • High contrast means better visibility.

  • Avoid color combinations with similar color values or hues. If they are too close, it will create low-visibility.

  • Imagery must be bold, clear and easy to understand. Strong images against simple backgrounds create high impact visuals.

  • Pay attention to your typeface – you want to make sure the typeface has the appropriate kerning, stacking, and leading to ensure readability.

  • Spacing counts. Make sure letters don’t bleed or blur at a distance.
  • To effectively advertise on billboards, it is necessary to be proactive in your design choices. We advise you to make sure things pencil out on paper before running a billboard campaign. Here are some tools to help you avoid any regrettable mistakes.

  • Billboard Viewer – Print this tool and cut out the openings to create a distance simulator for your designs!

  • LOOK QUICK Eyeball Test – Print your design, go back 30′ and if you can’t read it in 4 seconds, change it!

  • Grab a color chart – There are 14 color combinations that represent the best use of color contrast for readability. Download the chart and refer to it often.
  • A: Out-of-home advertising, also known as OOH advertising or outdoor advertising, is advertising that reaches people while they are outside of their homes. This form of advertising is also known as out-of-home media, OOH media or outdoor media. Billboard advertising is a major player in the OOH advertising world and is constantly expanding through digital formats and locations.

    A: According to studies, billboard revenue on average comes from 73 percent local ads, 18 percent national ads, and 9 percent public service ads. These statistics show that local, small to medium sized businesses, produce most billboard advertisements.

    A: We strive to work with all budgets. The cost varies greatly depending on location, number of units, length of program and type of display (digital or static). Our intent is to be the source for small businesses to promote their enterprises.
    A:  Cost Effective Reach
    Billboard advertisement provides a lower cost per thousand than any other type of advertising. Outdoor ads cost 80% less than TV commercials, 60% less than newspaper ads, and 50% less than radio ads.
    Captive Audience
    Outdoor advertising impacts consumers as they move about their daily lives. Their media choices (what they read, watch, listen to, or subscribe to) are irrelevant - Outdoor captures their attention regardless!  

    Less Clutter
    Outdoor ads are stand-alone and allow your message to break through the clutter of a newspaper page or radio segment. 

    Effective Reach
    DSN Outdoor has a current DEC Count (Daily Effective Circulation) of 1,458,161. In short that means that our signs are viewed over a million and a half times every day.



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    We at DSN Outdoor are always looking to expand our network and love creating win-win relationships for our advertisers, landowners and viewers. We offer long-term lease agreements with the option to renew, ensuring private landowners are well compensated for the use of their property. DSN Outdoor can contract all necessary entitlements, arrange the procurement of a state-of-the-art billboard display, install the billboard display, manage the content, and handle all of the marketing and sales; making it hassle free for the land owner. We are looking for select commercial and industrial landowners or land developers willing to rezone their properties in order to comply with necessary sign ordinances. This allows us to develop new locations and initiate new revenue streams. If you have space on your property that you would like to dedicate to an advertising structure, please contact us at 1-888-727-2292, ext 0.
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    DSN Outdoor is the fastest growing outdoor advertising company in the Central Valley.  We offer a variety of billboard advertising seen by over 1,000,000 eyes a day. We understand the value of great customer service and the effectiveness of out-of-home advertising.  Whether you are looking to saturate an area through Jr. Poster campaigns or are interested in marketing to millions on state-of-the-art digital billboards, DSN Outdoor is here to meet your advertising needs. and help you GET NOTICED!

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